while i was waiting for the bus one day


killed the comfort zone
still i let it rest in peace
happiness so infectious
let me give you this disease
i put my heart on my sleeve
i came from a different land
so i give away my love
& i hope you understand
the trials make you a man
the sorrow keeps you human
enough hope to make you happy
enough dreams to make you move
cuz we have much more to do
im not done finding truth
or spreading my beliefs
tell me what they mean to you
show me what you plan to do

some let their day to day lives become them
they grasp their schedule tightly
define their words using dictionaries that have been passed around for centuries
never cross referencing their religions, never spreading their beliefs too thin
they find comfort in the foundation they stand on
& when the earth shakes & the foundation crumbles
they repair it with mud & wait for the sun to dry it out & harden it
they use these elements of the earth
they rely on them & take advantage of them but they never pray to or for them
they never look to the sky & say thank you for rain, instead they carry umbrellas to keep themselves dry
they fear change in a way that will protect them
but protect them from what
do they dare to ask?
for even that question alone presents a risk
its risky to ask questions when one fears change
you may stumble upon a thought that has the potential to change your mind
& if you can change your mind well damnit you can change everything
you can embrace a blue sky turning grey
the rain falls from clouds & hits the ground
the dirt turns to mud & the plants roots soak up life much like we breathe
mother nature never stops dancing, its a delicate ballet that keeps the leaves green
& in this moment where i stand barefoot in the mud with rain falling on my face
i thank the blue sky & the dirt for their sacrifice
i thank the grey sky & the mud for being there
i thank the air as it enters my lungs when i inhale
and i grasp the moment like sand slipping through an hour glass
everything will change
it will get better
there will be more struggle
we will rise
we will fall
we will lose ourselves & find ourselves
at whichever rate the universe sees fit for us
as i ask the universe for more
it delivers
more struggle, more smiles, more tears & triumphs
more friends to share with more places to see
ive forgotten more in life than some ever see
but i understand that those still here have the opportunity to take just a touch of what ive lived through & learned from
so i speak clearly, i think constantly, i smile endlessly & i appreciate the good & the bad because its all here for me to understand & accept