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a dose of reality

If youre anything like me your childhood ended with a reality check you just could not cash.
Crying used to make the pain pass, laughing was where the time would go..
Everything was nothing more than a streak of trees passing outside the car window.
Fleeting moments I guess you could say.
& then reality hits one day.. for some its a friend moving away and realizing you would never see them again.
Maybe you made it all the way to graduation day before reality sent that check.
I remember I was young.. too young.
Pulled out of my bed in the dead of night.. it was cold outside and I didn’t want to go.
My mother strapped my little sister into her car seat in the back and we slowly began heading to our final destination..
I had no idea what was going on but a little ways down the road the lights were flashing ..
The red & blue bursts exploded deep into the woods..
When my mother opened up her car door the lights engulfed the inside as well.
They filled me with natural unease. They still do to this day.
The cops were on the scene of an accident.. a bad one.
A drunk man left the bar because his wife had called him a few too many times telling him it was past his time.
He should have been home .. a hard days work is not a valid excuse for escaping your family..
& yet thats what this man knew.. He worked hard day in and day out and all he wanted was a little escape from time to time.
He paid his tab, picked up his keys and told the bartender to let her know if she called again.
"I’ll be home any time now…"
Maybe those were his last words.. maybe he muttered drunken things under his breath as he struggled to get the keys in the ignition.
Ill never know.
I dont remember my fathers voice… I’ve heard stories of the type of man he was but I dont recall them from my own memories..
I was too young. He was too young. My sister .. i wonder if she was the only one young enough to escape the full wreckage ..
My mother was too young to have 2 kids and no lover. No support from the one person she said she’d spend forever and a day with.
She was left with me. I was left with her. My sister was left with us. And we all survived that night.
The alcohol won, another notch on deaths bedpost.
Crying used to make the pain pass… laughing was where the time would go.

Alexander Spit - Bon Voyage (Official Music Video)

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ill be a proud american eventually

Welcome to America.
Established in 1776 was the Declaration of Independence.
I was made to memorize & regurgitate this lovely piece of American History back in grade school.. maybe you did to?

Basically Thomas Jefferson did us all a favor by presenting us with a cohesive wording of exactly where we as a species stood at that time.
Some time has passed & things have changed but the essence of what that man laid out as self-evident truths should still ring true here in the United States of America.
Do not let your entitlement get in the way of this reality please.. you are not special in a way that outshines any other human being on this planet…

all men are created equal
rich or poor, homeless or multi mansion owning, english speaking, unable to speak, deaf, dumb, blind, ugly, famous, politician, policeman… all equal.

unalienable Rights ..
you can not alienate people using law of the land or other tactics for control.. there is no manipulation of these truths.. they stand true regardless of how you feel about them. They are the truth on the matter whether we respect the truth at this time or not.

whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it

We do not owe it to the government to stand for things that we as a people do not stand for.. our inability to eradicate a system we no longer see fit displays our inadequacy as American citizens, we either stand up to defend this system or we stand up because we can no longer allow this system to manipulate the planet while appearing to be the wishes of the people..